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Royal Reporting Services Ltd. is a full service court reporting and transcription firm having been in business  since 1985.   With almost 32 years of experience, Royal Reporting’s staff complement exceeds 60, consisting of Certified Court Reporters, CART and Real-time Writers, Professional Transcribers, Court Registrars, Tape or Digital Audio Monitoring Clerks, Project Managers, Office Personnel, and Proofreaders. We also employ Bilingual Transcribers who transcribe audio recordings in the French language.

Royal Reporting’s Certified Court Reporters have all graduated from a recognized college attaining writing speeds of over 225 words per minute.  Court Reporters listen to each spoken word and take down the proceedings verbatim, using a stenotype machine, and also using CAT (computer-aided transcription) software, which is loaded onto their lap top.  The Court Reporter’s stenotype notes are translated from steno theory into English text. All proceedings are digitally recorded by the Court Reporter to ensure accuracy of transcript, which is listened to simultaneously while transcribing into the clients’ preferred transcript format.

DSC_3983Royal Reporting’s Professional Transcribers are either Certified Court Reporters or have legal backgrounds having worked in law firms or taken the Legal Assistant’s Course; or, in the alternative, have numerous years of experience in transcribing all levels of court proceedings and noncourt proceedings.  Transcription is completed from audio recordings in numerous different formats and could  include proceedings such as meetings, hearings, tribunals, statements of witnesses, interviews of persons.   The proceedings consist of technical and nontechnical matters. Transcription of all levels of audio recordings and taped proceedings, in English and/or in French, are an integral part of Royal’s background in our specialized field of court reporting and transcription services.   Confidential audio recordings can be uploaded to Royal Reporting’s secure FTP site for immediate transcription.

Royal Reporting and staff have developed a strong reputation in the court reporting and transcription industry focusing on “the verbatim word” producing an accurate verbatim transcript from very short proceedings, 15 minutes or shorter, to very lengthy proceedings lasting over one year.  Royal Reporting’s clients include government and nongovernment agencies.  Transcription services can be provided to any person or agency throughout Canada.   The attendance of a Certified Court Reporter is available in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.



Certified Court Reporter proceedings, past and present clients, have included:

Civil/Criminal Trials             Judicial Hearings                   Tribunals & Arbitrations

“Questionings”                     Indian Claims Commission   Security Commission Hearings      Federation of Saskatchewan Indians
Exams for Discovery           Disciplinary Hearings            Deaf and Hard of Hearing               Tax Court/Federal Court Hearings
Teachers Federation           American Depositions           Transportation Appeals                  Coroner’s Inquests

Digitally recorded proceedings, past and present clients, have included:

Correctional Service            Preliminary Hearings                Potash Corporation
Small Claims                       Court of Appeal                         Canadian Pacific Railroad
Criminal & Civil Trials          Automobile Injury Appeal          Canadian Human Rights Tribunal

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