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DSC_4978Certified Court Reporting Services is a specialized service which involves the attendance of a court reporter to a particular proceeding.  The court reporter  graduates after attaining stenotype writing speeds of 225 words per minute and successfully passing numerous courses, which include law and medical terminology, English, punctuation, grammar, transcript preparation, proofreading and court reporting software.  The CAT software,  computer-aided transcription, translates the stenotype notes into English text.  Digital-recording hardware is also used by the court reporter as a backup for transcript preparation.

CAT software also allows the transcript preparation to include a Key-Word Index, which is a comprehensive listing of all of the words in a transcript.   Specific words can be located by page and line number.  The court reporter can also prepare two-per page or four-per page transcripts, convert their transcripts into Word, PDF,  ASCII or Summation.  Transcripts ready for distribution can be uploaded to Royal Reporting’s secure FTP site and delivered within minutes of completion.   Court Reporters are also able to travel anywhere with their specialized equipment in order to provide a complete transcript of the “spoken word.”

DSC_1230Court Reporters attend “Court” matters; however, they also attend seminars, meetings, interviews, investigative formal and informal meetings, inquests, and speeches.  A Court Reporter can also listen to a specific proceeding through a teleconference system or video conference, watch a DVD or listen to a CD, and take down the “spoken word” with their stenotype machine; thus preparing the most accurate, verbatim transcript within the requested time period requested by the client.   There could be a same-day transcript prepared, 24 hours, expedited, or regular turnaround, which is two weeks.

Royal Reporting employs Certified Court Reporters throughout Canada.  Our experience includes:  Court of Queen’s Bench, Provincial Court, Tax Court, Federal Court, Law Society, Canadian Human Rights, Transportation Appeal of Canada, DIAND, Board of Revision, College of Psychiatrists, College of Physicians, College of Pharmacists, FSIN, Police Statements, Witness Statements, Depositions, Arbitrations, Hearings, Meetings, Examinations for Discovery, Seminars, Workshops, plus many more proceedings which require a transcript.

If you would like to book a Court Reporter, please visit our Book a Reporter page or call 306-352-3234.