Royal Reporting


Lucille Derkach

Lucille Derkach, CSR, CSR(A) – Founder and President of Royal Reporting Services Ltd. since inception in1985.  She graduated in 1981 as an Official Court Reporter and commenced employment thereafter with the Court of Queen’s Bench, Department of Justice.  In June of 1985, she began her journey as an entrepreneur in the court reporting and transcription industry commencing operations with two court reporters and has now grown the company to over 40 professionals throughout Canada.

Royal Reporting’s operations commenced in Regina, Saskatchewan and now provides services from British Columbia to Ontario.   Lucille works together with support staff, managers, court reporters, transcriptionists and proofreaders to bring together the highest quality transcripts possible referencing the “spoken word.”   She has hands-on experience in every facet of the company, including attending proceedings as a court reporter and CART writer, preparing transcripts from audio recordings, proofreading and training.  Lucille is always looking to expand its operations to new venues.

Email Lucille at or call 306-352-3246.